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Taffets Bakery & Store Closure Announcement

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news of the closing of our family business, Taffets Bakery & Store.   After 13 years of operation, we are forced to close our doors. 

Our last day of business will be on June 29th, 2023.

Due to a fire in the apartments above our shop in November 2023 this past fall our landlord is making the request after 13 years of loyal business for us to vacate giving us only 30 days notice and no real way to continue our business.


We would love to continue to serve our community as we have seen you through new diagnosis to old diagnosis but new bread. And you have seen us from young enthusiastic couple, to parents and family.

Covid and the economy has been difficult on our little shop but we rose for you, that we made a difference to you will have been one of the most fulfilling and honor of our lives, especially Omer’s.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff for their tireless effort and work. Many have been with us for over a decade, and we are grateful for their loyalty and commitment to our company. We could not have achieved the success we did without their hard work and dedication.

We would also like to express our appreciation to our customers for their trust and support over the years.  When we opened there were only 2 sad options of gluten free breads in the supermarket. Though there are whole aisles now competitively , you have stayed loyal with us choosing old fashioned baked bread and goods made fresh daily.

While we are saddened by the closure of Taffets, we are grateful for the memories, relationships, and experiences we have gained throughout the years. We will cherish these as we move forward.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our journey.

Welcome to Taffets Bakery

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All About Us

Since 2011


Omer Taffet was growing weary of the work load demand that being a Chef in major restaurants required and was ready for a change after marrying his wife Natasha. Natasha Taffet suggested he start that bakery he had been dreaming of opening up, liking the idea of having dinner with her husband as well. Omer knew that this bakery had to be different from all the others. It had to stand apart from the crowd. Then his mother came to visit who has a sensitivity to gluten. Omer loved when his mother would visit because it would challenge how he would prepare meals for her and the rest of the family. Omer and Natasha suddenly realized that a Gluten Free Bakery would be their next venture together. And so began Taffets Bakery and Store. Omers’ culinary training includes the JNA Culinary Institute. He then went on to work at some of the top restaurants in Center City. It was the summer before he married and was considering a different career track. With his mother’s sensitivity to gluten and his wife’s enthusiasm and support he took over their little kitchen for a summer and began to experiment with different options for flours which helped him refine the techniques of old-world baking with not so old world ingredients, to create the phenomenal breads that you all enjoy now. These experiences and months of trial and error impressed upon him the importance of natural ingredients, traditional methods, and above all, patience, in producing great breads. Taffets Bakery has become more than just a great bakery. It’s part of the community and family of the Italian Market. Continuing to promote the long held tradition of small family owned and run shops that are unique and accessible to its customers and community. Location: 1024 S. 9th street Philadelphia, Pa 19147


Opening Hours

As of now:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 
10AM -- 3PM
Pickups available at almost any time, upon your request!


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